Thursday, 7 March 2019

 This was my view at lunch time but work and good sense meant I was not allowed to participate.
 Back home things looked like someone had already been on the gin as this poor lad was in the ditch. The Amazon driver was Romanian and had only been working a week after arriving in the UK 4 weeks ago. His English was as good as my Romanian but I did understand Plis Halp Mi.
 So yours truly dragged him out of the ditch with my plucky 4x4 but his relief was shortlived a the vans steering rack had broken which probably explained why he was in the ditch and not heading back to Wolverhampton.
So began an epic recovery which included pie and chips 7 hours waiting an incredible ballet of vehicles along a single track road (recovery truck facing wrong way my car between it and target vehicle and you get the idea) and a united nations of perplexed humanity trying to solve it (the recovery driver was Ugandan) Finally they left our world and headed back to civilisation. The most urgent delivery? A 59p magnet for the apprentice to complete his homework.

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