Thursday, 7 March 2019

And then there was one....

 Big dogs have a habit of making themselves small when it suits them, here is Reuben squashed into someone elses bed.
 The mighty pups have now gone on to their new homes, here is Magnus with Lynne who has a Berner off us called Monty 4 years ago.
 Ripley was happy to see the back of him as they are mighty big now.
 Next to go was Marshall who went to our great friends Nick and Wanda who never had a Berner off us but we are related as our Reuben was brother to their Morgan. (hope Ive got that right this time, Im sure it was Morgan not Oliver, either way they lost these two fabulous dogs last year so now have this great lump to contend with)
 That left us with the two girls.
 One of whom, Bailey, left us to got and live with Sarah and Lawrence.
Leaving Riley, the 100gramme miracle pup who against all odds survived and is now resident at Rock HQ. Who would have guessed that!

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