Thursday, 7 March 2019

Nothing to go on.....

 The bathroom saga continues
 and despite
 I am in fact making progress
 over days
 the days just blur into one
 and as usual where you make progress in one area you fall behind in others.
 But at least the end is nigh
 but on unpacking the new toilet there was a bit of a flaw, never mind a new one was dispatched and arrived the next day.
 Dropped, literally, off in the oracle's outbuilding
 this one too had a bit of a defect caused by careless handling.
 Luckily the old one was still serviceable
 giving me something to sit on while
 perfecting my tile cutting technique
and if ever an example of the camera never lies is wrong then this pic is it as it doesnt look anywhere near as good in real life.

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