Friday, 11 January 2019

You should move that

 Ripley is a tad confused over her new role as a mum so is adopting cuddly Christmas decorations
 but the good news is is that all the pups are still alive and well, three are getting very chubby, one is being fed every 3 hours by syringe still but we are hopeful she will make it.
 Totally ignoring the advice from Big Rob the mighty osteopath who has replaced Agnes, yours truly decided that sitting on his jacksy watching daytime TV was not as much fun as waiving all health and safety rules and finally fitting the guttering to the stables some 7 years after they were built. As ever the lack of proper stuff meant that Stan had to be used as a step at one end which was fine provided nothing fell off the roof and through the rear window. I mean, how likely is that to happen. A million to one chance.
 So for much of the day I was defying gravity and slowly and surely
 the gutter was fixed and all was well, right up to the point the small god of gravity got fed up with my success and
 a new drama was created.
 Riley still needed feeding despite dramas
 but he chances of her making it to this size does
 seem at this stage a remote

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