Thursday, 10 January 2019

Clear the area

 When its this deep
 and this much you know yours truly is not going to be able to clear the area of horse doings with a shovel and wheelbarrow so as its the new year we are off to a fresh start by having a massive JCB come up and clear the area.
 This cunning plan was almost ruined when a tree which hithertoo had done nothing to draw attention to itself other than be covered in lovely yellow blossom annually decided to fall over and block the lane.
 Which is why yours truly was out in his boxers chainsawing the naughty timber into manageable chunks to clear the way for the way clearer.
 Which arrived and did a grand job.
 Moving all the doings to the a better place where we will step in it less.
 Doing a grand job theme ....Rippers tending the pups, well 3 anyway
as we are feeding Riley the smallest puppy ever every 3 hours a the moment.

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