Thursday, 10 January 2019

We broke one

 The post Christmas ride took place in excellent weather , an interesting route with the first climb being this one, to the top of Stanner.
 This involved a lengthy winding route up
 and for some involved as much pushing as riding.
 Has to be said all of us were feeling the effects of Christmas and lack of proper exercise.
 One of us particular was feeling the burn
 as it was in reality his first ride on his new toy. What he said at this point cannot be repeated in company and involved putting the bike somewhere dark and entirely unsuitable for bikes. We managed to persuade him to carry on a shortened route
 via Chris's Cycles for mince pies.
 Which cheered me up no end but didn't improve his speed.
 The final obstacle was the river crossing which we managed without drowning or recourse to the bridge.
A good time was had by all, well two out of three ain't bad!

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