Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Tough climb

 Yours truly has been to the summit of the bonsai mountain countless times
 and so with this thick layer of white stuff
 it would be rude
 not to make a summit attempt
 once all the fun and games had been done
 and jobs finished.
 Which is why yours truly plus K9's are struggling in waist deep snow 50 metres from the summit.
 The plan was to make it to watch the sun set
 but the snow had other ideas.
 This is the border between the shire and Wales
 and Rio shows how deep it is getting.
 Across the shire the sun set glowing
 but the snow is now almost 3 foot deep and powder quality meaning you have to wade through
 The final section to the summit almost finished me but I was not going to admit defeat and managed to dig my way to the top.
20 minutes late, but job done.

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