Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Its here!

 Rug Rat Mk2 has never seen the white stuff so it was quite nice to wake up to this sunday morning.
 We have had a few years without snow so it was obviously making up for it by dumping more than we have ever had in one go.
 By the end of play it was still snowing and well over 12 inches had fallen.
 Naturally the dogs enjoyed what they were made for.
 RRMK2 was ok about it all and was desperately keen to make snow angels.
 Which he did like a pro
 along with the apprentice
 and MBAOSPW joined in.
 Rocky posed for pics
 looking amazing
 and showing how heavy it was snowing.
 Winter wonderland everywhere we looked.
 Mr Bear plodding on
 Daffodil and Petal hiding
 Rocky Racing along
 discovering his inner puppy
 They needed their wooly jumpers hahahaha
 Tasha, Bryn and Rio
 Apollo and Trevor
 Stan under 16 inches of snow
 Sven, Holly, Reuben and Noel
 same again
 Bala the old.
 Once the novelty of freezing to death had worn off it was time to construct the gingerbread house for Christmas
 Judging by the bulging cheeks of RRMK2 the sampling is going well.
 Tricky bit... lasted 4 hours before they demolished part of it.

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