Wednesday, 20 December 2017


 Beautiful sunrise on day three of snow fest 17
 and as we had run out of essential supplies, like milk and bacon we had to breakout and reach civilisation.
 Under a beautiful sky yours truly toiled to dig Eep out as Stan has to wait for new brake pads to arrive which are somewhere out there in failed delivery land.
 soon Eep was strutting her stuff and managed to get along our lane, some parts were a case of sledging but we made it to the road.
 The Oracle wasn't out and about
 but I checked to see if they wanted any supplies. He unlike me had been prepared and had lots of cow juice and bacon rashers.
 Pausing only to take an amazing car advert type pic
 we bravely battled to work to find...only one other person there.
This is the main road into town. Cutbacks mean no snow clearing. The trip back laden with goodies was a bit tense but after 14 attempts Eep made it back up the lane to Rock HQ where the children were happy that they could now have cereal instead of real food.

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