Monday, 6 November 2017

Nothing else matters....

 So there yours truly was saying how only a few years ago afternoons would be spent watching Metallica not Mr Maker and lo...
 by some acts of kindness I was given a free ticket to see the workds best heavy metal band
 and much to my surprise was on the guest list thanks to a friend of a friend of lil Beths.
 To say the seats we had were brilliant would be an understatement and the warm up act Kvelertak were amazing despite not being able to understand a word of the lyrics. Found out later they were Norwegian...hence the difficulty...don't understand it at the best of times not least of which 10000000dcb of metal adding to the mayhem.
 Ready to welcome the main act. No alcohol involved.
 So here they are
 totally brilliant
 super seats
 amazing light show
 and very loud.
I also got to keep 2 of the plectrums they threw into the crowd. Top gig!

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