Friday, 8 September 2017

Bit of a scare

 Rocky our first ever Berner gave us another scare the other morning.
 This is he, in all his smiling goodness, but unable to walk, move or stand up.
 As he is nearly eleven years old, fathered 54 pups and has seen off three of his children, Biffer, Spotty and Bliss, lost his wife Reba and way outlived Aunt Montana we know that the dreaded day for a dog from a breed who average 6 years life span is not far away but we don't want it to happen. So we gave him a dose of metacalm, lots of TLC and moved the blanket of death away from him, that's the lovely yellow blankie his son Spotty went to sleep on recently.
 So he rested.
 Perked up and was, I'm ever so glad to say, back to his annoying self.
Talking of old dogs this is Poppy, 14 years old now. Bless.

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