Wednesday, 27 September 2017

A day at the races

 Being a born again nerd yours truly felt the call to attend a nerd convention to see what other nerds are getting up to which is why I took the apprentice nerd with me to Newbury Race Course.
 Nerds as a collective have no sense of time as they stand around discussing the merits of a D6 saving throw which is why the signage was a tad out of date.
 But as a festival of nerds, this did not disappoint. There were hundreds of us them so yours truly and the apprentice mingled with the crowd to see the nerd displays. This a Russian French conflict,
 while this was something going on in  the desert
 while this was another Napoleonic bash.
 Being a trainee nerd requires calories and once refreshed
 it was back to it, this a lego under the sea game where there are no children at all playing with the toys. Nerds don't like their toys being played with by children.
 However, we did find a nice nerd who let yours truly and the apprentice play a game called TANKS
 and so it wasn't long before
 the apprentice was hooked
 and despite my best tactics
 he ended up King of the hill, his surviving Churchill tank defeated the finest German panzers.
 Naturally this meant he had gone up in the nerd ranks and so we spent some hard earned cash on a few more toys as nerds can never ever have enough.
 The apprentice was so happy he ran round the race course.
 While we had been inside looking at hundreds of toys soldiers and war games the local wildlife had been having a game of their own
using Stan as target practice!

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