Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Bad and even worse news

 This is Noel at the V E T late Tuesday night having suffered bloat.
 Thankfully we caught it in time and the poor lad had a bucket full of meat extracted from him by the two emergency vets called in to complete the procedure. No one knows where he got the meat from but the silly boy stuffed himself critical and so spent a very uncomfortable night in care. He's fine now.
 Not so Spotty the action Berner and hero of many an adventure with yours truly. He also went to the V E T to have a lump looked at on his back. Turns out its a life threatening inoperable cancer that is very aggressive, its grown in size almost daily and is currently causing a limp.
So my beautiful boy, my companion on the hill is fast approaching his last adventure, crossing the rainbow bridge to meet his mother and sister on the other side.

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