Monday, 8 May 2017

Adventures in wood

 Whilst yours truly will never be so proficient in all things wood like Andy in Germany, I think my fix on the back of Stan is a far better one than the garage managed who after having had him for two weeks sent him home with the same problem, the tail gate wont stay open, unless, of course, you wedge a tent into it!
 So inspired by the vegetable trug and totally unwilling to pay the exorbitant fee for the wooden box yours truly decided that he would build his own.
 Hence the following day Stan was pressed into labour as a work bench and carpenters mate and pretty soon
 the project began to take shape, one which would not fall over ,
 unlike some of the spectators who fell about laughing when they saw our efforts.
 Once built it had to be moved, which is where the very able assistance of MBAOSPW came in. Several hours later we finally heaved the mammoth wooden crate into place and the process of filling it with compost began.
 Some years ago I set about making compost and as can be seen the weird and wonderful process turned the rubbish into
 a very fine soil. Once in the trug it was sifted and any unwanted bits removed.
 Naturally at least one Berner kept an eye on progress.
 By end of play it was all ready to receive seeds.
And Noel and Sven were ready to receive their brain cell as they have managed to forget how to walk around a gate.

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