Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Anyone mention sunshine?

 Yours truly just needs the slightest hint of sunshine in the forecast to use as an excuse to head to the beach and so we found ourselves there once again.
 This time in both Stan and Eep as there were so many of us, SuperGrandma and LilBef came along with the boys and Spotty and Noel. Noel on his first beach trip, Spotty on possibly his last.
 Kite flying was the order of the day and despite predictions my bargain basement Red Kite kite flew brilliantly and for the whole time of our visit, right until the apprentice let go of the string and it flew off over the dunes. We got it back.
 MBAOSPW looking stunning.
 Once again we were dismayed at how crowded the beach was
 so much so that RRMK2 ran off and hid.
 Spotty took a nap after all the running about
 and try as we might we could not shake off RRMK2, he followed us everywhere.
 Back at the vehicles Noel
 and Spotty waited for their treats from our favourite
 ice cream van.
 Eep posing.
Stan trying to blend in.

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margeaux said...

glad you had fun and could recoup and gather from the recent events - 😊