Friday, 30 December 2016

The Longest Day

 05.25 heard the thunder of little feet and the excited shouts of "Santas been!" emitting from the apprentice who then tried his best to stay calm until a more reasonable hour of 06.20 to rouse rug rat mkII and so the day began. The usual routine had to be done before presents could be opened, dogs let out to empty bursting bladders and so on, but soon the present fest began. Once the boys had been retrieved from the blizzard of shredded wrapping paper and some semblance of order was restored to the cottage the final preparations for the feast that is lunch began all aided by a bucket of bucks fizz. Lunch on the launch pad I checked my watch to find it was still only 08.50 so with everything in place this looked like the most organised Christmas day ever. Beth and Supergrandma arrived and once again the cottage was filled with squeals from small boys and a forest worth of torn paper. Having bulldozed this out of the way again lunch began. Usual Christmas fayre with all the trimmings plus a veggie option of a pasty type thing stuffed with leeks, buton mushies, shallots, brie and walnuts. Having been veggie all year yours truly decided that free range and until the 20 December happy turkey was acceptable scoff, as did Sven one of the Berners who found the remains of the bird as pictured above and ate it. Losing your leftovers to massive dogs is something of a Christmas tradition now as is the Queens speech and once that was done the traditional fall asleep too full was avoided by walking dogs in the woods. Having all declared we could never eat again room was found for a light supper of cheeses and the like washed down with lots of happy juice.
 One particular highlight was finding this home made present from a friend made via pig club.
Happy to say it had no adverse side effect.

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