Tuesday, 20 December 2016

No good deed should go unpunished

 As many already know we are helping out a dog rescue centre in Romania, currently lashed by winter storms etc etc so to be extra nice we got together four foul weather outfits and boots for the workers plus some goodies and a tiny bit of whiskey to raise their spirits. We also offered to foster a poor doggie over the Christmas hols
 called Stanley, or Satan. Quiet as a little mouse and very timid we were told.
 Well he went nuts in the back of yours truly's truck, coincidently called Stan, bit his way out of a steel cage and
 set about redesigning the interior of my cab. He chewed the window catches off, tore the lining off and
basically made it damned clear that he wasn't a happy bunny so we took him back to the kennels. My Stan is now in the garage with a huge repair bill waiting to be paid.


Andy in Germany said...

Ouch. Obviously the Korean military hasn't considered Lunatic Rescue Dogs an imminent threat...

Tony said...

They might have to reconsider now :)