Saturday, 11 July 2015

Dropping in!

We live under a cliff, well a Neolithic quarry apparently, standing stones for the making of etc etc which means from time to time we get unexpected guests dropping in. Sometimes its crusty geriatric stone botherers looking for the mother stone (geologist types) and today it was a militia sheep.
 So there was yours truly donkey bothering and basically minding my own business
 with assorted K9's who have no pride when it comes to relaxing
when the tranquillity of the morning was shattered by a sheep bleating for help. When I figure out how I will transfer the video clip of the hapless wooly backs bid to escape being rescued. Suffice to say we all survived.

1 comment:

Andy in Germany said...

If the 'Beagle' had washed up in Wales, I reckon Darwins theories may have been a bit different...