Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Treasure hunt

 Ignoring the fact that Will.I.Am was determined to create new jobs, yours truly decided to get on with the task in hand which was to empty the annex (newly roofed) of all the clutter and find treasure as there was bound to be loads.
 First I had to evict a very naughty pony.
 Once inside I had to content with Rug Rat Mk2 inspecting every item for play potential.
 I did find some good things
 and some amazing things to a nerd.
 Once the job was done, the room that had previously been absolutely  full to capacity was now empty save for  the essentials at the back.
 It was quite cathartic sorting out all the clutter and the new space can now be filled with stuff that currently litters the workshop. I'm pretty sure there will be more need for bonfires shortly.
As we have no TV, once the boys retired up the wooden hill I concentrated on Russian Horse Artillery.

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