Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Something must be done

 The annex roof has all but collapsed causing untold damage to the precious things stored within.
 Not wanting to have all the things I should have already thrown away have to be disposed of because of water damage yours truly risked life and limb to climb up, remove the 497 nails holding the cardboard colander together and carefully slide the old panels off.
 Naturally it being a job at Rock HQ it was under the close scrutiny of critters, the Berners being locked indoors once Ripley knocked the ladder down for a second time.
 This is the new roof before its final adjustments with a massive hammer, metal, with an anti slip paint and anti condensation coating, much better and much less likely to let water and yours truly through.
 Breakfast was al fresco out of army ration packs, the boys joined me for this feast.
Here they are contemplating the merits of army vegetarian sausages.

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