Thursday, 27 October 2016

Finding a new level

 What was the kennel block way back in 2007 has had several incarnations and aside from the roof is in a pretty sorry state of repair.
 The main purpose it serves now is as a wood store and storm shelter.
 It's very eclectic design is the fault of a friend from a previous life called Karl who came to stay a few months after I had severely wrecked my left arm in the lamest of falls. Unable to build a kennel block as we had a lot of dogs way back then (Five! now we have 18) he volunteered to do it for me provided I gave him all the stuff needed and some money to fly to Burma where he had bought a bride.
 Karl was many things apart from being a good mate, but a builder of kennels was not one of them. Neither could he saw straight, measure, use a spirit level or knock a nail in true.
 So in an effort to recycle the roof and recreate a new building on the concrete pad yours truly set about building a bale store. This is needed to store forage over winter, currently we stuck 60 bales in the stable, but this will be needed for horses over winter so their food has to go elsewhere. Limited to only 60 bales is a bit of a drawback too as this is around a months feed for the critters, so if we have a hard winter then we are always going to be hoping no roads are blocked for more than a couple of weeks. (1947 anyone?)
 The photos show how off true, how unlevel and non upright the old building is/was, the centre wooden post is the true vertical.
 Karl had an issue with using levels so used to guess whether or not things were straight and used the same technique for cutting wood to length.
 The "new" build is coming on nicely and is more level and neat than anyone could have hoped for.
 End of play saw a new front, side and the old door way blocked off. Surprisingly it didn't collapse on me as I removed various key pieces in an effort to straighten things out. As to Karl's whereabouts that's uncertain. He took the money we gave him and headed off to Burma where he sought his fortune planting palm trees in a patch of jungle he bought off a village elder. I presume he's still tied to a tree over there waiting for someone to pay the ransom.
Elf is still a quadraped but only until Monday next week. After much consultation and seeking advice from our friend in a parallel universe in Oz its been decided that the best outcome for her will be achieved by making her a tripaw.

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