Saturday, 29 October 2016

Making room

Unlike last Saturday where we celebrated Rocky's 10th birthday with lots of friends and dogs, this Saturday was spent out in the rain re-engineering the old kennel block into a fab weather-proof almost straight depending on how you look at it bale store.
Like a butterfly emerging , yeah right, the new walls holding up the old roof
were quickly knocked into shape
and it looked quite good as far as yours truly was concerned.
Even the complicated bit, making and hanging a door went well with the step to nowhere used as a workbench.
Naturally I had a few Berners a supervisors, this happy chap is Noel, honestly he is there somewhere under all the mud.
End of play and the job was done, a fully functional door fitting the right sized hole, the gap at the bottom allowing for the different heights of concrete between the bale store and the runway which as you can see requires clearing.

Given a couple more hours then this corner might have got tidied up with some nifty corner woodwork effort but for the time being its good enough.

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