Saturday, 9 February 2019

They are real

 Since the pigs have arrived the local greengrocer has been a great help by giving us all their over ripe fruit and veg which goes down a treat and costs us nothing.
 Todays selection included plums, kiwis, bananas, greens and oranges. I was very surprised at how much they liked the citrus fruit.
Rug Rat Mk2 decided to help me feed the critters as he now has a unicorn to look after. Yes they are real, rare, but real.
 The apprentice also has a pony which is being schooled by MBAOSPW.
 But he is getting to grips with the basics of feeding and grooming.
 Clearly the bond between RRMk2 is forming
 and as we all know the unicorns horn only appears on magic days.
The strange rumbling sound from the back of the stables is three very content pigs snoring.

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