Thursday, 9 August 2018

It still works

 The blue bucket of allure still works which is just as well as the
 boys set off up the mounain
 the boys as in the equines not the bipeds.
 Which meant yours truly had to go fetch across the barren dry hills of home.
 Yes folks the dryest weather since the 1976 extravaganza has finally been documented by TFTR
 Apologies for lack of posts...but it will improve.
 So here in the distance are the two geographically challenged horses.
 Simply place blue bucket of allure on the floor and wait.
 2.7 seconds later here they are within grabbing distance
 but as the sun was setting and they are afraid of werewolves and other creatures of the night they followed me.
 Me looking pleased to see them
 them being very pleased to see me with a bucket.
Back at HQ they were safely put to bed and all was well in our world until next time.

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Andy in Germany said...

Thanks for the story... It's good to see you back.