Wednesday, 22 March 2017

No batteries required

 As the apprentice and RRMK2 are now fully mobile (code for annoying) they have to be kept "occupied" while jobs around the smallholding are done otherwise animals get irate and unfed.
 So whilst yours truly was moving two ton of gravel by wheelbarrow to beautiful and oh so patient wife's location where she raked it out level (the preferred option was fill a barrow while I wheel the full one but as the second barrow is still in bits in its box that idea was a fail) the boys got on with their attempt to get to casualty by playing in the bales.
 Quite quickly a house was constructed
 that had just about enough room
 for two, but sitting quietly was not as much fun as
 climbing as high as possible and jumping down makeshift "slides".
 All attempts to slide down the roof of the house was banned on account I had gravel to move not ambulances to guide.
 They did manage to escape at one stage mid barrow load and a plaintiff help was heard leading to the discovery of RRMK2 firmly stuck in the next job of the day, moving horse pooh.
 MBAOSPW arrived to rescue him, I couldn't on account of laughing and the small child was soon released with compulsory wellington stuck in mud falling off foot achieved.
 Back indoors more non electrical fun as I became a total nerd again and got my little men out and counted how many baddies I had.
 This led to some nerdy pics being taken but
experimenting with filters to make it look WW2 era was probably a nerd too far.

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