Wednesday, 21 October 2015

I'm ill not sleeping

 This is the latest addition to the clan at Rock HQ, Bryn and Golden Retriever who made himself well at home and basically slept
 and slept since we had him less than a week ago.
 Unlikely to grow to the monster size of some of our dogs, Bryn is a handsome lad of good pedigree from a lovely land not far away.
 But he still slept, none of the usual antics you associate with puppies like barking, chewing and pooing.
This is the poor lad 48 hours ago when we decided that something was seriously wrong, this was not a laid back soul but one that was very poorly. Fast forward 48 hours after being in intensive care and drips/enemas/scans and x-rays yours truly is happy to report he is currently racing round the cottage like pups should and is very much able to pooh.

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