Friday, 9 April 2021

Still standing

This is Ripley, daughter of Reba and from the class of 2012, and close observers will note the large (read huge) lump on her right hip.
This was about the size of a small sprout 6 months ago but its growing daily and as we suspected is a cancer and the vets say they cannot remove it.
But as can be seen at this point in time she is still as active and bonkers as ever, here on the sunset patrol
while here she is on the long haul up the really steep section of the bonsai mountain.
Or another day on the summit heralding another glorious day. She is a remarkable dog, probably the most talkative one we have ever had, every morning the noisy greeting she gives lasts for a full five minutes as she recounts the nights events in minute detail listing the numbers of zombies she scared off or the amount of times she has had to stop Tasha emptying the bin or keeping Benson off the sofa, stopping Holly going upstairs.....and on and on. 

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