Thursday, 19 January 2023

Day 2 of 7 in 7

Pen y Fan
day 2 
and we were blessed 
with amazing weather 
which was a bonus 
and on the 
we found 
a great 
plunge pool
right by the car 
so day 2's swim
was like a power shower.


Day 1 7 in 7 challenge

Inspired by Kevin Sinfield
yours truly set up a
7 in 7 
challenge which will see 
yours truly climb 7 peaks and swim in 7 different pools
in the next 7 days, day 1 being The Black Mountains Pen Y Gadair
and a quick 
and a quick dip in the 
which was bracing to say the least
and all in a good cause
raising money for Motor Neurone Disease Association 
despite his facial expression 
the apprentice was enjoying himself 
and so day 1 is done. 

Action stations

Birthday parties have come a long way since fish paste sandwiches 
which is why the apprentice
and yours truly
accompanied by a giant 
pink rabbit
were armed to the teeth
with machine guns
that fire 50cal paintballs 
which hurt massively 
when hit 
and despite the fact that
headshots do not count 
the boys 
who were not on my team
took every 
to fire 
so many 
that the back 
my head looked like I had stuck it in a wasps nest. Still, it was such fun!