Wednesday, 29 June 2022

Thats what I call progress

Progress all round ... The Apprentices room now has a floor!
While icanfoster has a cake made for a very special occasion. 

Really useful

I wasn't too impressed when the militia built a new track around the Bonsai Mountain up to the 
ridge, but then again I never thought how useful it would be to be able to drive up and fetch 

Monday, 27 June 2022

Life's simple pleasures

The Technohermit has returned! His arrival announced by a sparrow's fart phone call asking if we had any water spare. Hence the bottles by his feet of our finest tap water. 
Meantime the build back better project on HQ continues at lightning pace...ahem. The electricians arrived today which meant working with no tea and coffee and in silence as no one had a battery radio. My job today while the paid professionals did their bit was to lay the new flooring upstairs. This took longer than expected as, yes you've guessed, no power, no power tool as in no jigsaw other than the pieces on the floor. 
Adopt, adapt, improvise! Camping gear pressed into civilian use meant that a brew could be had after all. 

Friday, 24 June 2022

Job done

The ever growing jobs list haunts yours truly but the acquisition of some nice new power tools makes things happen a bit quicker (or causes accidents faster) so this evening after a hard day pounding the keyboard a very productive hour was spent fitting a window to the rear of the stable  
and while this isn't the final pic as in I forgot to take one of the finished project it does show the basic premise. It works, allowing light in and keeping the weather out and remarkably is all recycled, the windows from the really useful pile of old windows stash, the frames made from the struts from the apprentices old bed and the fake sill a bit of leftover from the old aviary. 

New toys at the rock

Finally I found the right new toy
two owners from new
less than 23k on the clock 
owned by an engineer so he know what to service etc
so its mine now. Back in the saddle again. 

Tuesday, 21 June 2022

Come fly with me

As we had all seen Top Gun on the weekend as a father's day treat the boys are keen to get in touch with their inner pilots hence the sudden interest in my radio control helicopter. 
They are also keen on honing their survival skills 
but where sitting on a felled tree eating spicy pringles is in the survival manual is a moot point.
Pretty soon 
the burgers were changing from raw to charcoal 
which is why yours truly opted for lamb steaks and duck breasts, all foraged locally as per manual. 
Simple pleasures, so much more fun than the Nintendo. 

Monday, 20 June 2022

Red Sky at Night and all that jazz

Last patrol of the day 
was fairly dull as it had been 
raining mostly 
and the cows were in a playful mood
and Smush face wanted a long walk
so we crept up on the Bonsai Mountain from a different angle where the amazing display of foxgloves could be seen. 
Their pinkness only beaten by the totally unexpected sunset 
apparently caused by dust in the atmosphere from the Sahara.


A by gone age

What with fathers day and all yours truly was treated to a book which had 50 great bikes in it. 
Of the 50, I had this one in 1982
this one in 1983 while my big bike was being repaired 
and this one in 1989.
Ultimately I will get one of these
but for now I ride this one, again a bike I wanted when I was 18
and I cannot for the life of me remember what influenced my choice.