Monday 10 July 2023

Time out

The K9s 
were in for a shock
as they were evicted from the cottage and put in the kennel
while yours truly
packed up and took us all on a quick break. Actually thats not quite accurate. MBAPSPW, Super Grandma and the two boys were on a break in a lovely holiday cottage on the shore of a Lake Trwsfanwyth or similar while yours truly was in a tent 300 metres away, ostensibly working as icanfoster was on another camp at Cae Adda. 
My luxury appointed tent
with gonk bag would have to suffice.
Early doors and a 
quick look at the very broken 4x4
and a quick dip in the lake
Keef was keen to join in all activities and loved sitting looking cheerful. 
In Barmouth a very happy Turkish Barber shaved the pseudo beard off yours truly 
the shave also came with a nose wax which was hilariously painful. 
Out on the fair RRMK2 found his inner dare devil and wanted to go on the white knuckle rides as
well as the more sedate kids rides. 
He also just had to hook a duck.
On the beach the kite festival 
was pretty impressive 
and filled some time 
looking at the array of bikes also proved interesting.
Back at the camp site Keeef opted for more sitting while 
yours truly took those that wanted to out on the alke
all but 2 had a go
and really enjoyed the peace and quiet of water sports
so as we were wet a swim just had to be had again.
Tea on the terrace for the posh ones.
Not a bad view.
Back at the tents yours truly made dinner while Keeef made sure his chair didn't get cold.
Dinner was all in and despite its appearance tasted average. 
Early doors day two saw the apprentice out on the water 
with yours truly following.
RRMK2 wasn't so keen but was eventually coerced in a short paddle.
Another swim.
The cottage was great and I look forward one day to being able to stay in it.
Back home the dogs were happy to see us and walked 
here we see Spotty2 on the slope of the Bonsai Mountain
and on the summit we put Tasha's ashes into the cairn along with all the other clan members. 
This is my just fallen over face. 
The vegetation is taking over 
but the stream has dried up.
Dinner was a build a better burger competition 
and dog cuddling was the evening pastime
for those who didn't want to stick aliens together. 


New portal...

Its been a job on the list for a while but as someone reversed into the remains of the Black Gateway to the World was taken down and a New Silver Portal fitted. This looks great, but fear not, its still kept shut by bailer twine and hope.
Ursu is exploring his world and giving it the Johnny Big Paws as he is intact and has a very full purse amongst all that fur. Given he is so elderly the risk of another anesthetic to have him neutered is high so we are currently letting him keep his jewels while we consider what to do.
The Kayak trailer needed some attention, and when it got it found it needed a whole lot more than I was capable of, partly because I had bought the wrong size bolts but mostly because I am not a welder. For now a loading strap will prevent it tipping but it is now on the something must be done list. 
Along side, above, or below on the same list is this feat of engineering, a wasps nest has appeared in Gemma's kennel. Whats stopped the wasps nest being destroyed so far is the lack of insects is very noticeable so on the basis of its not bothering us, or the dogs, and they do serve a purpose then its allowed to stay. For now. 
Busy day so far, quick lunch
and some self assembly on RRMK2s very axolotl themed crocs 
before a very brief sojourn into the world of Lego Napoleonic wars (who knew!)
Before a chilled out evening with the many K9s.